MYBIGORDER KENYA is Kenya's youngest yet most growing eCommerce, classified and business directory platform started and run by a honest team of young Digital Marketing Team. The platform was started to solve price wars, online visibility challenges by both small and large businesses, curb the challenges of delivery, provide online marketing tools eg Bulk SMS, Domains, Websites, Digital Marketing among others.

MYBIGORDER KENYA understands the Kenyan landscape and offers solutions to both Customers looking for goods and services, Merchants looking for clients to sell to products and services and Drivers who offer delivery in real time. The technology is built using GEO-FENCING which makes it easy to locate a business nearby hence convenience.

Launched in May 5th 2018, the company has hit the ground rolling by recording a records 700 merchants and over 13,000 products and services in its 1st 4 months organically clearly means it's a technology that makes sense to both Merchants, Drivers and Customers. This is attributed to the 24 hour support and the large support team made up of 40 team of young tech savvy’s and internet marketers.



  1. Deal directly with Verified businesses and companies – say good-bye to con men.
  2. Get it cheaper since you are buying it directly from the owner. We just killed unnecessary middlemen.
  3. Geo-fencing technology makes it cheaper since you buy from the nearest seller hence saving on delivery cost.
  4. Order, Track & Manage your orders easily.
  5. 24 hour support with unmatched customer service via SMS, Calls, Live chats, Emails, Webinars etc
  6. Automated chatbot to answer your questions anytime, any day.
  7. Great discounts and vouchers for customers directly from the merchants.
  8. You reward your shopping using our Points System which you can use to shop for free.
  9. Enhanced quick delivery via our pool of drivers on the Drivers portal.
  10. Alert notifications and SMS alerts.
  11. Flexible payment plans
  12. Rating and Feedback – You can now rate companies based on the level of service you get.


  1. We have made life easier and simpler. You don't need to struggle finding orders. Orders come looking for you whenever you are.
  2. A great employment opportunity  to drivers who do not own their own cars, bikes etc.
  3. Save Fuel  – No need to drive to a place and get back to your parking base. Just get the orders where you are.
  4. Save Time  – Since orders are premade, ride at the right time and take less time from point A to B to C.
  5. Invest/Be an entrepreneur  –  A great investment opportunity since your business grows as you monitor sales/earnings.
  6. Flexible Payment Plans  – Drivers are paid every Saturdays. Payments are transparent and easy. MPESA or Cheque or Cash are our payment modes
  7. Save Parking cost  – No more Parking Bays/Shades. You simply drive on the go.
  8. Many Delivery types – we accept messengers, riders, pickups/cars, vans, lorries & trailers.


  1. Zero Risk - As opposed to the capital a physical shop requires to set up the seller on the MyBIGOrder platform does not have to pay anything to open the shop in order for them to be able to sell. The worry of securing capital to set up shop is dealt with by MyBIGOrder which sets up their virtual shop free of charge.
  2. Exposure - The physical shop is constrained to a specific geographical area. MyBIGOrder provides sellers with access to a huge online market of potential buyers and gives the seller the ability to have a nationwide presence. The sellers shop is accessible to users who are located in many geographical areas where the seller does not have a physical presence throughout the nation since the shop is online and accessible to any user with internet connection throughout the nation. The best thing is that these are new customers which will add to the existing customers that the seller has.
  3. Marketing - The seller incurs costs to advertise their business. Apart from advertising their products, MyBIGOrder also markets the sellers business. MyBIGOrder has a dedicated marketing budget for advertising in the print media, online media and TV campaigns.
  4. Cost Saving - The seller incurs fixed and variable costs to run their shop, this includes rent, water and electricity bills. myBIGOrder saves the seller all these overheads since the MyBIGOrder shop does not attract any charges to stay open.
  5. Convenience - The sellers physical shop has a restriction with regard to the business hours that it can remain open which range from about 8 to 10 hours. This restriction locks out buyers who would want to make a purchase after hours, the MyBIGOrder shop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week hence ensuring the seller does not miss out on any sale and also gives them an edge over other sellers who are closed during those hours.
  6. Safe Pay - MyBIGOrder provides a safe method of ensuring that the seller receives payment in a safe and secure manner as soon as the buyer receives their merchandise. We also have many payment options including mobile payments.
  7. Support from MyBIGOrder Captains - MyBIGOrder ensures that the seller receives support from their MyBIGOrder account manager which in turn helps them achieve more sales based on the free advise and support they are given.Our captains offer 24 hour support.
  8. Transparency - MyBIGOrder ensures transparency by setting fixed commission rates for each category up front so that the seller knows their expected return.
  9. 3-in-1 service where you sell a  Product, sell a  Service, Promote the  Brand.
  10. Sell Directly to your exiting & New customers – no in-between processes.
  11. Easy to use Merchant dashboard & App with a complete simple order Taking platform.
  12. Save Time receiving, processing and managing orders
  13. Perfect platform to Grow your sales
  14. Manage all your Deliveries on the same platform – Use our pool of Drivers on the Drivers portal. This makes delivery quicker.
  15. Digital Marketing tools include Bulk SMS, Domains, Emails, Website, internet marketing as well as Digital Marketing Training Sessions


Automated Search; Search is by users current location, customized location, business near you, by streets and roads, by categories, by business name and by Product/Services in your local area.

Short code Services; Customers can now get products or services without searching the web or having internet. They simply send a text message with what they are looking for to 21184 and we get them the best deals via SMS.

Voice Tap; With the automated voice to search, you can now speak to the app your location and the app will learn your voice through a trained artificial intelligence and robot coaching. No need of typing the app will do the rest.

Geofencing Technology; We have deployed the use of GPS and RFID to create a virtual geographic boundary enabling the system to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. This is activated on request.

Bulk SMS & Alerts; We use both single text and Bulk SMS to make commujnication between the call centre, drivers, merchanst and the customers easy. We appreciate the role of mobile communication both now and in the coming days.

Email Alerts; We always appreciate the power of Technology and timely delivery of products and services improves service delivery and productivity of a business. Email alerts contributes to efficiency and time taken

Push Notifications; Customers, Drivers and Merchants can optin or out to receive push notifications through push, sms or email alerts when an order is placed or action is needed for a task. This makes delivery time reduced by 90%.

Bookings/Inquiries; Enqueries can now be placed easily by the customer in advance by noting the products/services and the instructions. This helps in planning to receive customers and visitors before they arrive or buy.

Loyalty Points; Earn points by purchasing Products/Services, redeem or convert points to discount, earn points by account signup, earn points by adding a review on a business, earn points at your first order, Customer can apply points over orders etc.

Support Centre; Customers can get support via the support centre FAQ, online live chats with admin, merchant and go ahead and share the love with friends, clients and best businesses near their local area.

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