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Term Conditions Page

You MUST meet the following CONDITIONS to be a Seller at Mybigorder

1. You MUST have a Physical Store where our rider can collect the items incases of Home Deliveries

2. Products listed at MUST always be in stock or marked as OOS

Mybigorder Remedies for seller breaches

Breach categories:

1. Quality control failures - 

2. Sale of counterfeit products

3. Sale of prohibited or restricted products

4. Laziness in updating your vendor account

Mybigorder currently applies financial penalties (delivery fee and refund charges) on the events where;

1. A product is rejected on delivery because it does not physically match what was ordered. This applies to the wrong color, shape, technical characteristics, brand, and swapped invoices.

2.  A product is rejected on delivery because it is damaged, incomplete, not functional, or not usable. e.g. missing items or parts, damaged or broken items/packages, stains, stitching defects, misplaced or broken seals, and items that do not power on.

3. A product is rejected on delivery because it is not new e.g. item looks used/has been used or is refurbished and is not indicated on the description

Mybigorder, incases of inactiveness, canceled orders due to out of stocks and price updation, and refunds, will;

 a. Give formal warnings

b. Temporarily suspend access to the platform;

c. Withhold all payments to the seller;

d. Delete the seller account and permanently prohibit access to the Platform


Mybigorder - Online Shopping and Ecommerce Marketplace in Kenya

Welcome to Mybigorder

Mybigorder is Kenya's Top, Leading Online Shopping site and an Ecommerce store.
We offer convenience by providing a one-stop solution for all your needs as an individual shopper, a seller, a corporate buyer, or a person engaged in wholesale purchasing. Discover a diverse range of products from our trusted sellers and suppliers, ensuring quality and authenticity in every purchase. With our user-friendly platform, you can explore, compare, and buy with ease, making online shopping a breeze.
Sellers leverage Mybigorder platform to showcase their products and reach a wider audience.

The platform: Mybigorder platform caters to a diverse audience, offering seamless solutions for online selling, shopping, and buying. Explore a world of possibilities with our user-friendly interface, designed to make your online selling and shopping journey enjoyable and effortless.

Corporate Buyers/Office Shopping: Mybigorder offers tailored solutions to streamline your procurement process. Benefit from our corporate shopping services that simplify bulk orders and ensure timely delivery, meeting your business needs efficiently. Request for quote at

Wholesale Buyers: You can take advantage of our extensive network of suppliers, accessing a wide range of products at competitive prices. Mybigorder's commitment to quality and variety makes us the ideal choice for wholesalers looking to expand their inventory.

Mybigorder is not just a marketplace; it's a collaborative ecosystem. We've forged strong partnerships with suppliers to bring you the best prices in the market. Additionally, our affiliate marketing program opens doors for entrepreneurs and influencers to join hands with us in creating a thriving community.

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